The most up-to-date, extremely best quality bone conduction glasses that preserve you free from headphones and let you concentrate all day lengthy.
select from multiple patterns and choose the colour that fits your vibe.
It's miles blended with bone-conduction listening tech, you may concentrate to song, radio and answer smartphonename via glasses. similar to earphone, others can’t listen what you’re listening. No want to put any loudspeaker in ear. Even wearing all day long, it gained’t harm the eardrums or allow your ear ache. This shape can guard your eardrums even as output best quality audio. With the extremely perfect bone conduction era, you can ultimately set your ears loose from constraining earphones. 
  • With MusicLens, you could experience era and be stylish. Ir-respective of where you are, you can enjoy all of the a laugh that track can convey without making any noise and turning into the point of interest of public attention.
  • It has an optimized sound transmission with a unique chamber design that reduces the sound leak you normally get from bone-conduction devices. 
  • The great part is, people cannot listen what you’re taking note of.
  • Don’t be that man/lady at the plane or educate inside the morning that’s blasting tunes all people can listen. 
  • Pick out MusicLens for your everyday travel so you can listen on your tune loud and proud, understanding your pals can enjoy their song as properly. Echo tune is a present day tune app for all people. It has over 30 million users international and every MusicLens backer will get hold of a 1 12 months club so that you can enjoy more music at no cost.
  • Have your favourite playlists some other place? All suitable.
  • It may easily use bluetooth to pair with all tune apps like Spotify, Pandora and Apple music so that you don’t must down load any other app.
  • In case you feel like taking a spoil from your playlists, song into the radio and see what’s happening regionally. 
MusicLens picks up neighborhood FM radio alerts directly, so you can pay attention in your preferred radio stations without ever desiring to the touch your telephone or be in the car.
All you have to do is press the ‘transfer’ button once to open the radio function, then tap the proper facet of the body to go looking stations and discover the one you like.

By no means leave out a Beat:
Like to listening song all day lengthy? preserve your palms and ears loose while you're busy doing existence. Your ears stay unplugged, so you can concentrate to tune, answer calls, and pay attention notifications all out of your glasses while nevertheless being capable of hear the arena round you.
With a battery existence as much as 12 hours, you furthermore mght by no means should fear approximately your preferred tunes shutting off. Carry MusicLens to the seashore, tenting, or to your subsequent holiday for non-stop beats on the go.
Safe for you & the environment:
MusicLens' open ear design is safe and wholesome, specifically to your ear drums. Our lenses block ninety five% of UV, IR and Blue Ray light. they also come in one hundred% sustainable packaging, from the courier container to the case, for extra inexperienced inside the tech & fashion global.
MusicLens even is available in reachable for street protection. whether you are riding or cycling, you can stay secure and keep away from accidents with the aid of keeping your hands on the wheel.
MusicLens Tech specs:
Designed to present you more healthy ears, wi-fi cellphone calls, 12 hours of battery existence, unprecedented audio enjoy, combined with an ultralight body.
Bluetooth Connection:
Join Bluetooth to play music and solution cellphone calls.
clever contact manipulate
prepared with a smart sensor for manage through one finger contact.
Lightweight body:
extremely-light 45g titanium alloy body relaxed for daily wear.
FM Radio:
get right of entry to your favored radio stations for local music or information.
Sound Leak reduction:
For non-disruptive, high excellent sound that only you may hear.

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