Zencube: The coolest, healthiest and smart lamp

Zencube is the sector's first clever Himalayan salt lamp. Now not simplest can you convert the coloration of the lamp viayour smartphone, you may bask within the lovely glow of nature. it's the high-quality of the natural international in a single stylish, current package and all of the blessings of a Himalayan salt lamp with none of the drawbacks. decorateyour mood. Energize your mind. increase your environment.
Elegant, smart and Stimulating:
Zencube is a elegant update to conventional Himalayan salt lamps, with lovely, sublime layout and its compact length is best for any area, such as workplace and condominium regions. it is the first and handiest Himalayan Salt Lamp that has mixed traditional salt lamps functionality with cutting-edge, contemporary layout and the brand new smart generation. change the coloration to mirror your room or temper. 
  • It brings all the wealthy advantages of the outside to your own home. 
  • The lamp’s natural salt is heated by means of an energy-efficient LED bulb to ship negative ions into the air to stability the bombardment of effective ions that we areuncovered to each day.
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Lessen radiation:

Fluorescent lighting, radiation and electromagnetic waves from surrounding technology and allergens are ambitious foes. The resulting strain, tension and coffee electricity are how these foes overpower us.
Higher sleep:
The sleek and mighty superhero on this story is Zencube. It’s Zap! Pow! and fine ions are neutralized, restoring properly-being, relaxation and a better night’s sleep to citizens of the arena.
Higher fitness:
Zencube brings all the rich benefits of the outdoors to your own home. The lamp's natural salt is heated by means of an power-efficient LED bulb to ship poor ions into the air to stability the bombardment of positive ions that we're uncoveredto every day.
Beautiful design:
Zencube is a elegant update to conventional Himalayan salt lamps, with lovely, sublime layout and its compact size is ideal for any area, including workplace and condominium areas.
Remarkable technology:
Zencube is the arena's first smart lamp, and the first Himalayan Salt Lamps that has combined conventional salt lamps functionality with contemporary, current layout and the modern-day RGB LED technology. you can change the coloration to mirror your temper or surroundings through phone App. LED bulbs also are 90% extra efficient than their conventional halogen rival. this means no leaks, no mess and no problem. experience excellent and keep the surroundings one glow at a time.
Brighter temper:
flip your home or workplace into an oasis of purity. Breathe deeply and get equipped to fulfill lifestyles head on with a burst of electricity and excitement.
now not simplest do the terrible ions emitted by the Zencube help to purify the air, supporting us to respire less difficultand sleep higher, the natural cubed block is the ideal complement to any room. flip your property into an oasis of purity.
Brand confidence:
At existence, we price the agree with you location in us. If for any reason you're now not a hundred% glad together with your Zencube, don't hesitate to drop us a line. either we can process a full, NO-problem REFUND, or we're going topaintings with you till you are in general Zen.
Are there any side results:
The device is said to be created with the greatest quality materials that customers can depend on and they're no longer recognized to reason any bad effects to the user.

  • Releases bad ions into the air to improve bodily, mental & emotional health
  • permits for better sleep, advanced temper & reduced radiation in your home
  • certainly cleans & deodorizes air, and may be used w/ vital oils for aromatherapy
  • stays cool to the touch & has low strength consumption
  • can be managed by a colour control app to match your temper or surroundings.

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