Teens Falling Away From Facebook


Ninety-five percent of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45 percent of teens are almost constantly online -- but younger Internet users do not connect on Facebook as much as their older peers do, suggests a Pew Research Center study released Thursday. Although Facebook dominated social media across all age groups over the past decade, it has taken a backseat to YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat among today's teens.
Facebook is still used by more than half of all teens aged 13 to 17, the survey results indicate. Fifty-one percent of those polled reported using the social networking service. Yet a whopping 85 percent reported actively using YouTube, 72 percent said they regularly used Instagram, and 69 percent were on Snapchat.
Facebook did outpace Twitter, used by just 32 percent of teens surveyed, and Tumblr, which drew only 9 percent. Reddit came in at 7 percent.
As for which of the social media services the teen survey participants used the most, Snapchat came in highest with 35 percent identifying it as their most frequent choice, while YouTube followed at 32 percent, and Instagram at 15 percent. Facebook was a distant fourth with just 10 percent of respondents identifying it as the service they used most often.
By contrast, Twitter had just 3 percent of respondents in its corner. Reddit snagged 1 percent, and Tumblr less than 1 percent.

Saving Face(Book)

How relevant Facebook can be to a younger audience is the question.
"The news has to be concerning to Facebook, although some of the exodus is for Instagram, which is also owned by the company," said Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insights at the Local Search Association.
"However, I don't think this is anything like a sky-is-falling moment for Facebook," he told TechNewsWorld.
"It's still by far the dominant social media platform," Sterling noted, "and Snapchat, which is one of the sites pulling teen users from Facebook, has always been dominated by younger users. So what we're seeing could be described as 'incremental,' or may be a slight acceleration of teen defections."
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