The 55 inch length class of 4K TVs is one of the maximum famous amongst each clients and television producers alike. while many models from the exceptional name manufacturers aren’t launched in smaller 50 inch or much less dimensions and few 4K tv fashions reach as much as past 70 inches, nearly each crucial version of 4K tv in the marketplace from all most important brands comes in a fifty five inch model. that is the case in large part due to the fact fifty five inches is type of the “best” television display length for mid-sized TVs, similar to 65 inches is the precise display length for large TVs. fifty five is huge sufficient to comprehend the 4K decision at an affordable distance and feel immersed inside the onscreen content with the tv’s respectable length at the same time as also not being so massive that the television looks peculiar in a smaller area. 55 inch 4K TVs also tend to have a good deal more reasonable expenses for a much wider customer base, although they’re high-cease top rate models, as maximum of those we’re approximately to cowl are.

A be aware on 4K television Viewing Distance
the proper viewing distance for any 4K tv is a made of its size. In other words, for any given display screen size, you need to take a seat far sufficient away to comprehend the greater sharpness conferred upon content material via 4K decision at 3840 x 2160 pixels whilst additionally being near enough to the display to sense immersed. fifty five inch 4K TVs are at the lowest length where 4K decision begins to end up noticeably outstanding even at large distances. Smaller TVs than these, when regarded from more than a pair meters are almost indistinguishable from HD fashions of their resolution, however at 55 inches, the 4K sharpness is significant at ordinary viewing distance. For a 55 inch tv, ideal viewing distance for maximum entertainment is ready eight feet, or 2.5 meters, though it’s still first rate at 7 ft or 9 feet too
the 10 first-rate fifty five inch 4K TVs of 2017 / 2018
with out further ado, here are the ten nice fifty five inch 4K TVs in the marketplace nowadays. This list is longer than normal for our different tv publications with the aid of length because of how popular the 55 inch length variety is. however it'll continuously be up to date all through the 12 months as any new fifty five inch fashions with even higher overall performance arrive for our review, so sense free to test lower back pretty regularly.
We ought to additionally strongly word right here that the following television rankings are made with both high-quality and price taken into consideration. essentially, we’ve at the least partially ranked these models in terms in their pleasant and cost consistent with greenback spent in order that we could demonstrate what the first-rate TVs are for the bottom viable expenses of their class. The list does of route include masses of premium 4K HDR TVs but if the handiest size become absolute performance, we should virtually rank the top five most costly televisions, one from each of the principal manufacturers. some of the top 55 inch televisions bought these days aren’t necessarily the maximum steeply-priced. thus, those with nearly flagship overall performance every now and then rank a bit higher than absolute flagship TVs due to the fact they fee tons much less while appearing nearly indistinguishably as well in their center specifications.
As you’ll observe, this is the dimensions variety at which we ultimately begin to see the high-quality, amazing LG OLED 4K tv models, which don’t are available in smaller sizes than this. They sincerely dominate the scores due to what are some inarguably amazing usual performance specs.
also keep in mind that all 4K television fashions listed come with a local refresh fee of 120Hz until otherwise stated for any specific tv.
1. LG Electronics C7 Flat 55/65 Inch 4K ultra HD OLED HDR television (2017 version)
There are greater high-priced and awesome searching OLED 4K HDR TVs within the 2017 LG lineup of fashions (one is in truth listed in addition down underneath) however the C7 takes top spot for one crucial cause: It performs as spectacularly as these pricier fashions even as costing handiest a fraction of what they do. This makes it an absolute winner in our books. OLED televisions had been a number of the great of the fine among 4K TVs considering they commenced emerging in 2014 and they’ve handiest advanced given that then to hit a real height of overall performance that’s downright brilliant today. traditional OLED display problems like display brightness capability being weaker than that of liquid crystal display displays are also pretty a great deal a element of the beyond with the new 2016 or even more so, 2017 models such as this one. With that said, the C7 is a clearly great domestic theater machine. It’s display brightness is higher than that of maximum 4K lcd HDR TVs bought today (excepting some top class liquid crystal display models which includes the ones below) and the C7 can provide the whole electricity of overall pixel-stage dimming manage for ideal contrast, perfect black stages and an usual video first-class that no lcd tv can come close to beating. moreover, this televsion helps all current industrial HDR codecs and with power, handing over exquisite shade overall performance. On a final be aware, due to the fact we’re speaking about an OLED tv right here, the C7 is an absolute grasp of motion coping with for almost any type of content.
2. Sony A1E 4K extremely HD OLED HDR television (2017 model)
Sony in the end unveiled an OLED television for 2017 and the resulting model, the A1E, has been an absolute hit. This specific OLED tv makes use of  LG’s fantastic panel technology which we described so richly above however combines it with the awesome strength and photo processing specifications of Sony’s personal technology. The aggregate is particular, uniquely powerful and, for dfans of Sony TVs who also want OLED, a large piece of top notch for the 12 months 2017. In essence, the A1E performs nearly identically properly to the LG C7 above or the LG B7 underneath however with a few specific twists of its personal..

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