New technology created to hunt down drones

Licenses for new journey-hailing automobiles in the city are about to get scarce.

The news: The ny metropolis Council surpassed law this afternoon that places a one-12 months preserve on the issuing of new experience-hailing licenses and sets a wage floor for drivers. the new policies will take impact as soon as Mayor invoice de Blasio, who supported the payments, signs and symptoms them into regulation.

Slamming at the brakes: that is a large blow to Uber—the massive Apple is the corporation’s largest US marketplace. but since it commenced, Uber’s habit has been to embody speedy growth at the same time as paying little heed to those its business disenchanted or placed out of work, rather than operating to locate approaches to co-exist in the towns into which it accelerated.

Why it matters: This makes the big apple the primary predominant American metropolis to set a cap on ride-hailing cars or to set pay rules for gig drivers. It also units a precedent that different towns should observe, which might spell problem for trip-hailing companies. It’s in particular bad timing for Uber, as the company intends to move public subsequent 12 months.

In Mongolia, Drones appearance Deep Into the beyond in a Hunt for Dinosaurs Fossils
There are few roads in the southern Mongolia steppes—the flat grasslands woven in some of the dunes and rocky hollows of the Gobi wilderness. You truely drive within the direction you want to head, and if there occurs to be a path worn via previous tourists, notable. even if now not, the tempo may be exceedingly brisk—on occasion hitting 60-plus miles consistent with hour over scrubby terrain, motors yawing from side to side throughout the loose surface, stressful regular counter-steerage. It’s the form of overland adventuring that hurries up the pulse.

I knocked out about 40 miles of this hardscrabble travel currently, travelling with contributors of the Explorer’s membership Hong Kong chapter and the Mongolian Institute of Paleontology and Geology aboard a aggregate of Nissan Navara pickups and Infiniti SUVs. the previous came from Nomadic Expeditions (experts in all things Mongolia), at the same time as Infiniti supplied its cars as a part of the emblem's support of the assignment I’d come to study: a renewed look for fossilized dinosaur stays in a location of the Gobi first harvested by way of archaeologist and paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews a century in the past.

Fossils have been plentiful again then—almost littering the ground, as Andrews recalled in his reports. (amusing reality: He turned into one of the inspirations for Indiana Jones.) however he loaded up his camels and circumvent vehicles with lots of fragile remains and trundled them off for take a look at; that became observed by means of a century of digging by means of different scientists, as well as lots of unlawful fossil poaching as soon as the richness of Mongolia’s buried historical past have become recognized. in recent times, the look for dinosaurs and their prehistoric ilk is extra complicated. you need to look more difficult and dig deeper.

The team says the strategy has by no means been used before on this way, describing the technique as a breakthrough in paleontological technique. at some stage in the latest 20-day, 1,000-mile excursion throughout the Gobi, the team of 35 paleontologists, geologists, archaeologists, scientists, and Explorers membership contributors collaborated on accumulating and appearing on the brand new information. way to the modified DJI Phantom quadcopter drones buzzing overhead, they found viable evidence of three new dinosaur species and greater than 250 new fossil places. specific discoveries protected the hind leg of an ostrich-like dinosaur from sixty five million years in the past, a 70-million-12 months-vintage intact turtle, and the neck vertebrae of an as-but unknown species from the identical duration. The day trip additionally said uncovering the primary fossil of a Velociraptor ancestor at a new web site, a unprecedented theropod egg, and the tail phase, vertebrae, ribs, and skull fragments  from a Tarbosaurus bataar, which is the Mongolian cousin of T. rex. That precise discover included a ten-centimeter-long (3.ninety four-inch) Tarbosaurustooth, suggesting that it can be the biggest specimen yet observed in Mongolia.
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