New technology maps plutonium at Sellafield

New generation maps plutonium at Sellafield - world Nuclear information: New era for mapping plutonium hotspots is being examined at the Sellafield fuel cycle site in Cumbria, united kingdom. The technology, evolved by Cavendish Nuclear, ought to cause the quicker, safer and less expensive decommissioning of nuclear centers.

New generation for mapping plutonium hotspots is being examined on the Sellafield fuel cycle web site in Cumbria, uk. The technology, developed by Cavendish Nuclear, should cause the quicker, more secure and less expensive decommissioning of nuclear facilities.
avendish Nuclear's preferred DISPIM (Decommissioning In-Situ Plutonium Invention monitor) is currently used at the Sellafield site for mapping alpha infection. This makes use of a massive range of neutron detectors which might be located in close proximity with the vicinity beneath investigation, including a glove box. Neutron counts and multiplicity counts are taken and the results processed to attain records about the extent and distribution of neutron sources in the location. That device is closely shielded and weighs half of a tonne.

A smaller model of this screen - known as the ARKTIS S670e - turned into in the end evolved that is a great deal more cellular and weighs just 6 kg.

however, Cavendish - a subsidiary of Babcock global group - stated it's far "taking advantage of a breakthrough in speedy neutron detection technology to develop a light-weight device that mixes simple 'plug-and-play' electronics with algorithms developed through Cavendish Nuclear".

It says the ensuing PHUMS (for Plutonium hold Up management device) is a light-weight and notably manoeuvrable device that combines the slimline ARKTIS detector head with a simple "plug-and-play" computer housed in a convey-case. it is able to be used for rapid and relatively-accurate modelling of plutonium deposits inner gloveboxes, pipes and valves used to method nuclear materials.

Cavendish has been running with Sellafield Ltd for the past 365 days on trials of PHUMS at the Sellafield web page.

"The results have been amazing, delivering rapid and accurate fashions of centers for the presence of plutonium," Cavendish said.

Janet Fletcher, head of products and services at Cavendish Nuclear, said: "Innovation inside the use of generation is reworking the benefit with which redundant plant can be mapped for the build-up of plutonium on the insides of pipes, valves, gloveboxes and different kit this is reaching the give up of its operational life." She added, "Sellafield Ltd is an important patron of Cavendish Nuclear and we percentage a strong choice to innovate to deliver nuclear clean-up safer, quicker, at decrease fee."

Paul Little, head of put up-operational easy-out of unique nuclear substances at Sellafield Ltd, said: "we're continually eager on making the most of innovation and new strategies to transform the way we paintings and support us in our task of safe and value powerful threat retirement."

He cited, "both the usual DISPIM Imaging tool and the brand new PHUMS machine had been utilized in special nuclear cloth facilities with comparable outcomes; but, the principal advantage of the PHUMS technique is its capacity to be deployed in regions wherein the DISPIM approach can't due to its size and weight benefit."
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