‘Headless Chicken Monster’ Video May Help Antarctic Conservation

Australian researchers have developed new era allowing them for the primary time to film a deep-sea swimming sea cucumber, also called a “headless chicken monster,” in Southern Ocean waters off East Antarctica.
the sea cucumber, which has simplest ever been filmed earlier than in the Gulf of Mexico, become located the use of an underwater digicam gadget evolved for commercial long-line fishing via the Australian Antarctic division (AAD).

it is was hoping that the pioneering Australian digital camera era that captured the uncommon pictures of the organism, Enypniastes eximia, may help the long-jogging push for the introduction of a new Antarctic conservation zone.
The era is based on a housing which protects the digicam and electronics and is “designed to attach to toothfish longlines in the Southern Ocean, so it desires to be extraordinarily durable,” said AAD leader Dirk Welsford, regarding a form of line used for deep sea fishing.
“We wished some thing that would be thrown from the side of a ship, and would continue operating reliably below severe pressure inside the pitch black for long intervals of time.”
information from the cameras are sent to the worldwide frame coping with the Southern Ocean, the fee for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine living assets (CCAMLR).
‘Breathtaking’ imagery
“some of the photos we are becoming again from the cameras is breathtaking, inclusive of species we've got never visible in this part of the sector,” Welsford became quoted as saying in a assertion issued via CCAMLR.
“most importantly, the cameras are providing vital statistics about areas of seafloor that may resist this form of fishing, and sensitive areas that ought to be averted,” he delivered.
The information accrued from the cameras are being presented on the annual CCAMLR meeting beginning in Hobart on Monday, in which a brand new maritime protection place can be proposed.
“Australia will once more be searching for aid for the introduction of a new East Antarctic Marine protected location,” said Gillian Slocum, Australia’s CCAMLR Commissioner.
“we will also aid two other new Marine included areas (MPAs) being proposed this year in order to contribute to CCAMLR’s dedication of a representative device of MPAs within the Southern Ocean,” she added.

Proposed safety place:
The big location off the coast of East Antarctica, which is wealthy in cold-water corals and home to penguin foraging grounds, has lengthy been the focus of a bid to create a protection place.
The notion to shield 3 huge blocks of ocean and sea ground alongside East Antarctica has previously been endorsed by using the commission’s clinical committee 3 times. but competition from China and Russia has blocked the thought every year, according to a document in Nature.
The document brought that both nations have fishing pursuits in the area, and below CCAMLR rules, all 25 fee participants — 24 countries and the ecu Union — have to agree for an offer to be adopted.
but, conservation corporations are confident the zone could be agreed at this yr’s assembly.
“Many adjustments had been made to the original proposal to address issues by way of nations. nearly all CCAMLR individuals have agreed it is prepared to be adopted,” stated Claire Christian, govt director of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition. “we're consequently optimistic that any ultimate issues may be addressed”.
She stated that China and Russia’s preceding objections were approximately the language and guidelines of the inspiration in preference to its conservation justifications and technological know-how.

“Marine included regions are one of the pleasant tools we must shield entire ecosystems in a complete way,” Christian brought. “protecting the Southern Ocean manner we protect the world’s final incredible desolate tract and assist its amazing species thrive.”
The location’s species are enormously prized and so want cautious conservation, said Slocum.
“The Southern Ocean is domestic to an superb abundance and type of marine life, including commercially sought-after species, the harvesting of which need to be cautiously managed for future generations,” she introduced.
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